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By schema, Apr 26 2015 03:50PM

Come and check out Cirque-It on Thursday May 21st at 7:00 PM! Cirque-It is a wearable-tech fashion experience that will feature an evening presentation of sensational outfits exhibiting the collaborations of two communities: makers and fashion designers.

Featuring trapeze artist Mary-Margaret Scrimger of the Flying Arts Collective Aerial Program. Fashion by Ego Assassin. Music by Schema Factor. Technology by Sonic Wear. And much more!

21 Trinity Street Toronto ON [Facebook Event]

By schema, Jun 1 2013 05:00AM

I've been working on a new software tool for electronic musicians called MIDIMapperX - a VST that lets you send any arbitrary sequence of data bytes out a MIDI port, mapped to notes in the score.

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